Friendly Kids and Children’s Dentist in Binbrook

Kids dentistry, also sometimes referred to as pediatric dentistry, requires a special skillset and demeanor. Our dentists each have over 15 years of experience providing kids dentistry services and our entire team is patient, gentle and caring when dealing with children of all ages.

Our kids’ dentistry services place an emphasis on practising and establishing good oral hygiene habits as well as cavity detection and prevention. We can also provide laughing gas, and oral sedation as needed. In addition to these kids dentistry services, our goal is to promote proper oral care habits that your children can carry into adulthood to prevent future dental problems.

Kids dentistry services available in Binbrook

Our team takes pride in providing high quality, professional and courteous services to you and your children in a timely manner.
If you work or live in Binbrook and you are interested in our kids dentistry services, contact Windwood Place Family Dental today at 289 286 1827.

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