Crowns and Bridge Services in Binbrook

When a tooth, or several consecutive teeth are damaged, they need to be fixed and capped with a crown or a bridge to prevent additional damage and to ensure functionality.


Crowns are used to protect a single tooth from further decay and damage and to help provide a natural appearance. Crowns also restore strength to the tooth and allow it to function as it did before. Care for crowns just as you would other teeth.


Similarly to crowns, bridges are designed to fill the gap between two or more teeth. A bridge is an abutment that acts as a false tooth to literally bridge the gap between missing or damaged teeth. Multiple options are available and can be recommended.

Dental crown and bridge services available in Binbrook

Our caring and courteous staff are pleased to provide crown and bridge services to Binbrook residents. If you live or work in Binbrook or the surrounding area contact us today at 289-286-1827.

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